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We are fortunate in Neffiès to be within easy striking distance of several excellent markets.

Closest is Pézenas which takes place every Saturday morning and is a typical mixed market for fruit and vegetables, cheese, meat, fish, olives etc etc as well as clothing, baskets, leather goods and so forth. An excellent market where it is best to arrive early to secure parking close to the market, which runs all the way up the Cour Jean Jaures.

Clemont l’Hérault is very similar in style and takes place every Wednesday around the main church.

Lodève too follows the same format and takes place every Saturday.

Marseillan Plage is a bit different being an enormous flea-market where you can sometimes pick up interesting bits of china small furniture books etc. This starts very early on Sunday mornings, and again early arrival is advised for parking.

There are also special annual or six monthly markets for antiques and art in Pézenas and Salasc - ask us for details.

There are many smaller weekly markets in adjacent villages but these are really too numerous to mention

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